Indigo Mosaic

‘Never ask a question unless you want to know the answer.’

When Harriet Eldridge finds a book with a curious title in a second-hand bookshop in Deal, Kent, she has many questions she wants answered. What links a First World War pilot in the Royal Naval Air Service, a medieval merchant, and her? And who, or what, is Indigo?

Part love story, part historical novel, Indigo Mosaic intrigues and teases the reader into wanting to know more, and join Harriet in putting together the pieces of a mosaic that will, ultimately, form a complete picture.

Reading the book is best done in instalments. In a unique venture Indigo Mosaic is exclusively available as a digital publication from the author, by subscription. For this you will be sent the ten weekly parts, each containing four sections, and have access to a number of unique ‘goodies’ including photographs and background material. At the end there are special bonuses, and a challenge!

Subscriptions cost £5. To make contact and for details about how to pay, please email

The first section of the book may be read here