New developments


Welcome to the site if you haven’t visited before! There are several new developments here:

The opening of a new novel for adults, Indigo Mosaic. It’s a work in progress, and I’d love to hear what you think.

The opening of Melody’s Dragon, the forthcoming sequel to Melody’s Unicorn, and the second in the Melody’s World trilogy of fantasy novels.

The opening of Melody’s Unicorn itself, and details of where to buy copies (including signed copies from me!)

A short story, 2020: Perfect Vision (now an ironic title, I know).

This year’s Thumbnail Book Reviews. These are micro-reviews of most of the books I read during a year.

And other goodies to explore.

If you like anything you find, then please do get in touch via; and please do draw this site to the attention of like-minded others.